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Online Book:

"Boston City Directory of 1872"
by Sampson, Davenport & Co.

Other Online Books:

Brayley, Arthur. History of the Boston Fire Department.
      Boston: John P. Dale & Co, 1889.

Coffin, Charles. The Story of the Great Fire.
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City of Boston. Report of the Commissioners to Investigate the Fire.
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Sampson, Davenport & Co. Boston City Directory of 1872.
      Boston: Rand, Avery, & Frye, 1872.

Vahey, John P. The Epizootic Fire.
      Boston: 1973.

Table of Contents
Business Ads 1
Table of Contents and Changes from Previous Year 10
1872 - 1873 Calendar 11
Index to Advertisements 12
Business Directory of Out of Town Advertisers 20
Newspapers in Boston 23
Street Directory, Location of Streets 29
Boston Post Office, Services and Locations 56
Description of Ward Boundaries 57
Halls and Major Blocks and Buildings 58
Boston Business Directory: Businesses Listed by Category 60
Expresses Running from Boston 155
Justices of the Peace in Boston 165
Banks, Locations and Staff 171
Savings Banks, Locations and Staff 174
Insurance Companies, Locations and Staff 177
Churches and Ministers 184
Boston City Government for 1872 187
Boston Fire Department 188
Boston Fire Alarm Telegraph and Signal Codes 189
Public Charitable Institutions and City Hospital 191
Public Schools and Teachers 194
Water Department and Rates 196
Ward Officers and Taxi Fares 197
Courts and County Officers 198
Custom House, Divisions and Staff 199
Boston and Maine Railroad Information 201
Eastern Railroad Information 202
Boston and Lowell and Nashua Railroad 203
Old Colony and Newport Railway 204
Boston and Providence Railroad 205
Horse Railroads in the Boston Area 209
Libraries and Societies 211
Militia 218
Advertisements 221