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Boston City Directories

Search sources: 1845 Directory of Boston [Browse]
1850 Directory of Boston [Browse]
1855 Directory of Boston [Browse]
1865 Directory of Boston [Browse]
1870 Directory of Boston [Browse] [Complete Contents]
1872 Directory of Boston [Browse] [Complete Contents]
1875 Directory of Boston [Browse]

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1855 Directory of Boston, matching records:
41909 ZANE JOSEPH & CO.(F. Roach),plumbers,109 Court,house 32 Wall
41910 ZehnerDaniel,superintendentE. B. Flour Mill Co.house 123 Webster
41911 ZihnAndres,carpenter,house rear 546 Wash.
41912 ZoellerPhilip,hairdresser,584 Wash.house do.
41913 ZremmJohn,burnisher,house P,corner Second
41914 ZumgrundeBernard,blacksmith,h. 33 Middlesex
41915 ZwingeJohn,Sugar House,h. 158 East Sumner
41916 ZennJacob J.hairdresser,431/2 Congress,house 26 Winter
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